Mark is a fantastic individual with a great sense of well being for the body and the mind! These camps can change your life can change your life! Mark has helped me to better understand myself, motivated me to see my potential and provided clarity and simple objectives that have made me a better person not just at work but in my personal life. This new young people camp is just a great idea!”

“Beware attending any team or personal workshop with Mark, as it will change your life! He did it for me by making me much more aware of the connection between my own vision / mission and the wellbeing of my mind and body! I can only say after 5 years that I always get excited for my fix of “positive time” with Mark.

Julian Whitehead – CFO AirBus Defence And Space

A life changing camp and workshop for young adults (18-25) that gets you to take an interperspective look at your life and mission without the usual daily bias. You will discover what ideas and thoughts have been preventing you from your vision, and together we will change those beliefs.

With over 60+ years of coaching experience, our leaders have helped people of all ages live their vision. Often times we have had people come to us without a vision for their life, and leave with not just a vision, but a belief they can achieve it; and more importantly, the plan to live it. You will leave the camp with key takeaways that will help define your life:

Your Take-Aways Will Be More Clarity On..:

  1. Your potential in both career and personal life.

  2. Your personal strengths and how you will use them to live your life.

  3. Your former self-limiting beliefs and why it’s important to live free from them.

  4. What opportunities and options you will have in the future.

  5. How intrinsic motivation will support and sustain your vision.

  6. How goal setting naturally aligns with your vision and emotions.

  7. Your emotional intelligence and how it influences the relationships you will have in your life.

  8. How a personal and professional mission statement will help you become a high performer for the rest of your life.

  9. How to strengthen your strengths to become world class.

  10. Your personal mission, vision, and values.

You don’t need to travel the world or take one year off to find your purpose and mission, you just need to invest time with Mark at a Vision Quest Camp! It will help you clarify your values, create goals, and find your purpose and mission. It helps you find what motivates you, what your passions are, and what makes you happy. You don’t just participate – you create your own future!

Andrej Dean – Director S.A. de C.V.
Bayer de México