Vision Quest Dates For Kenora, Ontario, Canada 2020

June 2nd – June 5th
3 days

Arrival: Friday Evening
Camp Days: Saturday – Tuesday
Departure: Tuesday 4PM

Venue Location:
Stormbay Rd. 9, Kenora, Ontario, Canada

Venue Features:

Private Island with spectacular nature and walking trails
Large Conference Center
Large Open room yoga space
Large Dining Room
Wooden Sauna + Outside Hot Tub
Many gorgeous scenic views of the lake
Large Boathouse

$1600 USD/individual or $1300 USD/group (2 Or More) including full accommodation (all inclusive).

"There is no better person to help the next generation develop their vision and themselves than Mark McGregor" - Thomas Perlitz, Head of Human Resources, Gerresheimer

Why do Young Adults (18-25) Need a Vision?

A few years ago, the youth unemployment rate climbed above 55% in parts of Europe. Meanwhile, 65% of teenagers are starting college, and 35% are getting Bachelor’s degrees. In addition, many are attending university with competitive certifications and work experience on top of a degree, it becomes more and more difficult to separate yourself from other qualified applicants for the few positions available. The best way to stand out, is to show organizations how you can be an asset to their team. Being clear on your mission, your vision and your values does this!

We’ve all heard the negative talk, “Millennials are lazy, unmotivated, and entitled.” This is not the truth! The fact is, the working world is much more complex now than it was in previous generations. Millennials face different economic, cultural, and technological challenges than any generation before them. The work place is global now, and a different skill set, mindset and more entrepreneurial thinking is required to establish a fulfilling life. However what’s stayed the same, is the importance of creating your vision, knowing your mission and living it.

We understand your struggle. We’re here to help. We will help you find your vision, and see your potential. Together, we will establish a path, and develop the key communication and leadership skills you need to be successful. We will help you understand what brings purpose to your life and find your “sweet spot”, where you are playing to your strengths, doing what you love, creating value, and creating your future. Imagine, you will be living a purposeful life and earning money for it!