Find Your Vision And Your True Mission Through a Vision Quest Camp!

There is nothing more powerful than knowing and believing in your own potential. This camp is designed for adults at ages 18-25, and it will help you find your potential.

Find Your Vision

Attend the Vision Quest Camp and take the first step towards achieving the life you want. Our knowledgeable personal leadership coaches will help you see your vision so clearly, it will change your path forever.

Create Your Mission

Learn about the “10 Principles of leadership and life" from Kaitlyn McGregor, a former world-class speed skater. She will share her experience on how these powerful principles will positively affect those who apply them.

Achieve Your Dreams

Re-energize, re-focus, and find your passion for what you desire most in life at the Vision Quest Camp. Leave the camp with a strong sense of enthusiasm knowing your dreams are achievable.

Team Building Skills

Learn how to contribute and be part in a high-performance team, a key skill in today’s world. Corporations are increasingly developing a project mentality, to leverage on a team’s strengths; these team skills will prepare you to optimize this opportunity.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Understand and enhance how you can sell and promote yourself and the strengths you bring to business partners. Vision Quest Camps will give you a growth mindset, the skill set, and confidence needed to become your best.

World Class Training

Attend a course based on proven methods and principles used with top executives from Bayer, Airbus and other global corporations. Our Vision Quest Camps are designed by highly-qualified international coaches, and optimized for those launching careers.

Leadership Principles For Young Adults

The Vision Quest Camp is founded and led by Mark and Kaitlyn McGregor. As father and daughter, they serve as living proof of how Mark's leadership principles work for young adults. These principles helped Kaitlyn finish #2 in the world at the World Junior Speed Skating Championships in 2015. After leaving the world of professional sports, these personal leadership principals helped Kaitlyn find her life mission: To help others become their best.

By living these principles, Kaitlyn shows how they can impact and empower young adults, be it in the sporting world, or business world. And most importantly, these principles can help young adults discover their potential, and create their vision and mission. The camp's mission is to help you develop clarity on your passions, strengths, and potential, so you can find a valued centered and purpose driven life.

Our Leadership Team

The camp is lead by world-renowned author and leadership coach, Mark McGregor. Mark has been a professional hockey player, coach, manager, and worked with Team Canada at a variety of international tournaments. His daughter, and former professional speed skater, Kaitlyn McGregor will also play a vital role as she describes how the "10 Principles" can have a powerful impact on young adults in athletics, academics, and business. In addition to Mark and Kaitlyn, various CEO's, managers, and high-performance coaches will also be attending the Vision Quest Camps. Marks mission is to affirm your potential so clearly..... that you will see it in yourself

Recommendations and Endorsements

Testimonials from camp participants who have seen personal progress as the result of finding their Vision.

Tony Ameo

President ECKART America, part of the Altana Corporation

Mark’s approach of ‘teaching through coaching’ is particularly well-suited to young adults. His ability to help people dig deep to find their mission while simultaneously affirming their potential will create a positive and lasting impact for those fortunate enough to attend his vision camp.

Martin Zech
Head of R&D for Atto Cube, Munich Germany

I have attended Marks Leadership camp several years ago and was simply stunned by his coaching approach. Working on a “whole person model” led me to clarify my personal and professional core values & indentify my strengths. I started working on my very personal vision and mission – not only for me as a person but also for my business career. Mark's camp is an unbelievably strong source of motiviaton and inspiration, helping you to find your very own way in life. Having introduced Mark's leadership training into the company I lead, I experienced a tremendous positive effect in both leadership capabilities as well as motivation on all managers. I can see how a Vision Quest Camps process will have similar positive effects on young people, helping them understanding their own skills and values better, paving their way to a successful, happy & balanced life.”

Dr. Axel Steiger-Bagel
Bayer AG, CEO Bayer SA

“Let me again say thank you. From all the leadership courses I have experienced (and there were quite a few), I must say that yours were really the ones which were most valuable and sustainable.

Seeing how my whole team is developing by using your clear messages, guidance and tools is just amazing. And as we are all speaking the same language now, the interaction and the ambition to grow together is quite profound and helpful given the ambitious journey we have embarked on.

For me personally, the Leadership Camp in Kenora was quite outstanding. Apart from the powerful tools, it was the mindset shift and your philosophy around leadership that made the difference.

It was the foremost energizing and inspiring catalyst for clarifying the way ahead. I’ve not only seen the whole group of participants growing for themselves and altogether during that week, but am also seeing that it has quite a sustainable impact going forward. Again, thanks a lot and hope seeing you soon.”

Rizk Haddad
Rotana Group Leadership training In Dubai

"Hi Mark,

I wonder on which part of the planet you might be, lecturing a “lucky” bunch of executives about a so called “leadership course” … I like to call it “the philosophy of life”… A life changing course, by all means…

I have realized that the first thing you need to focus on is with yourself… That personal growth comes first. I learned to understand the importance of life balance, the importance of nurtition, and energy management.

No one will love you and believe in you, if you don’t love yourself and believe in yourself first… Now, I am exercising 3 time per week, and aiming to increase that to 5, once I build on my stamina. I am drinking
more water and trying to improve my nutrition. I also exercise the soul and the mind, through music in the morning allowing me to dream and see ahead, feel my vision and my goal… a man without a dream is a dead man… all this to re-energize… being positive… being happy. I want to break my comfort zone and unleash the leader in me… And as Helier Bridges said” I am not here to make a living, I am here to make a difference”

What is really important for me is I have now the 10 principles of leadership and life and coaching skills and I carry them with me."

A Clear Vision is a Weekend Away


WHAT BLOCKS FUTURE PLANNING Everyone involved in the business world is aware of the importance of planning; take a look at your meeting schedules, your diary or your inbox and I’ll bet that at least 50% of your time is taken up with planning.

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