Important Steps to Finding your Life Vision

Life is an endless cycle of beginnings and endings. It is an endless quest for success and the incessant pursuit for happiness. However, every individual needs to see first the great things that lie ahead of them to actually give their best. Besides, most of us are undeniable in the truth of fearing the unknown, right? Therefore, finding a life vision or finding purpose in life is very important. How about you? Have you already found yours? Or are you still on the search for it?  Whichever it is, keep on reading and we will help you to discover your purpose in life and support you to see your life vision clearer today.

What to do after high school?

This question is hardest to answer when your life vision is still blurred and unclear. Imagine yourself running a race blindly in the dark.  How long before you trip over an obstacle or find yourself completely off the track? That is why finding purpose in life is critical to every individual. The best thing to do after high school is to invest in yourself. Investing in yourself can include taking the best degree for the future, engaging in other activities that can lead to learning new things, and finding a mentor. However, these things can be wasted if you don’t have a life vision yet.

How to define life goals

There are a lot of people who feel like a plastic bag drifting aimlessly in the wind. Most of them work hard just to satisfy the idea of accomplishing something. While others already surrendered in living and act recklessly as if they are ready for a total destruction. For this reason, setting life goals is essential to have a grip on yourself, keep yourself on track, and totally succeed in life along with totally becoming happy.

How to define life goals? Here are some of the things you must do.

  1. Consider your life vision and determine what you want to achieve.
  2. Be committed to attaining your vision.
  3. Set your goals (Specific, Measure, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound) to keep yourself motivated and take note of them to create an idea that these goals are tangible. WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN! Did you know that 70% of written goals are actually achieved, compared to less that 30% of goals that aren’t written down?
  4. Plan the actions you will do in order to make your goals materialize. Put an X through them after you finish working on each of them to decrease the tasks.

Setting a goal is an effective tool for planning your future. Moreover, this is also the best way to inspire yourself to take an action in making your life vision come true. To provide a wider view of the areas of your life here are some of the categories where you can set goals:

  •    Education
  •    Career
  •    Financial
  •    Family
  •    Attitude
  •    Artistic
  •    Physical
  •    Public Service
  •    Pleasure

Life goals and life vision are different from each other. However, they are inseparable as these two are interconnected to each other. That is why learning how to write a vision statement can give you focus in your life. A vision statement is a significant life guide that directs a person in which way to take. Hence, it acts as a map to help you avoid getting lost in this world full of uncertainty.

How our vision camp helps you find your purpose in life

They said that if you are not actually certain about where you are going, take any path and you will get there. However, if a person has no clear life vision, the place you will end up after maybe a very lonely place. For that reason, we encourage individuals to join our Vision Camp to help them help them get out or avoid this struggle in the future.

Our Vision Camp will help you find your life purpose. We can assure that. Our sincere mission is to give every individual an opportunity to develop a clear idea about their passion and help them realize that these passions can direct them to their life purpose. Hence, fulfilling, meaningful, and stable life is what we offer.

Life Skills That Vision Camps Teach young adults

Our Vision Camp will not only help you find your purpose in life but also equip you with skills necessary in facing life’s battles ahead. We carefully customized the camp and the workshop to equip you to achieve success and excel in today’s society. Some of the skills this camp offers attendees include:

  •    Presentation skills
  •    The Science and Art of Storytelling
  •    Entrepreneurial mindset
  •    Personal Leadership (Stay and become the driver of your own life)
  •    Discovery of personal weaknesses and strengths
  •    How to widen your circle of influence and other Influencing skills
  •    Projecting your best verbal and non-verbal qualities
  •    Interview techniques and methods
  •    Leadership and Coaching skills incorporated and developed throughout the camp.
  •    Assertiveness, how to communicate your borders like saying no in a respectful and assertive way
  •    Receiving and giving feedback; your way of affecting others

Every activity in the camp is guaranteed to be challenging. That is why all participating individuals will enjoy every second of the camp. A combination of personal reflection, mental training, intense feedback, and one-on-one coaching sessions are also utilized to make a lasting change in the lives of the participants.

The Impact of this course on young adults

Our vision camp promises to help you to discover your core values, find your life vision, and finally understand your true calling. As a result, after the camp, your real-life mission will finally be clear to you. Because of that, your life will be changed.

The impact of this course is significantly powerful, especially for young adults. Our Vision Camp is about assisting you to identify your ideal future so that you can live your life accordingly as you work towards that vision. Let us help you find your greatest potential and assist you to see it for yourself!

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