If you have a son or daughter that has recently finished school and entered the professional world, you likely already know that they face incredible challenges and barriers that were unheard of in decades past. Competition for positions is global and it is fierce.  They are navigating in a digital world, where expectations and technology change on an almost daily basis.  As the father of two young adults myself, I know the kind of pressure our children are under, and it is intense.

The person who will thrive in this constantly shifting environment will be the one who has been prepared beforehand.  The leaders of tomorrow will understand what is required to achieve consistent high-performance results, have a clear understanding of their own core values and know what they want to achieve in both their private and their professional life. They will also have the skills to balance it all for their own well-being.

This is why I have created my Vision Camps, and I believe it is some of the most important work I’ve ever done!  In collaboration with my daughter Kaitlyn and my team of partners around the world we have developed these life-changing opportunities for young people to discover what their vision for their life is, and to learn about what is required to be on mission to achieve that.  Imagine if someone had offered you this opportunity at the beginning of your career! How would that have impacted your own life?

Similar to my Leadership Camps, our Vision Camps are offered at my properties both in Inzell, Germany and in Kenora, Canada.  They are intensive workshops where participants stay with us onsite for the duration of the camp and can expect to gain:

  1. A clear understanding of personal core values for better alignment between your private and professional life.
  2. A vision for what your ideal future would look like, created through intensive coaching, visualization and reflection.
  3. The creation of a ‘mission statement’ that brings all those things together into a clear, concise ‘roadmap’ of how to live life and reach the intended goal.
  4. A look at self-limiting beliefs and tools that will help to overcome them.
  5. A broad range of skills such as story-telling, presentation and accessing emotional intelligence, all of which will give participants a head-start in this competitive world we live in.
  6. Coaching and leadership skills that can be used in both professional and private life.

These are but a few of the takeaways that will be offered to those who attend one of our camps, as they are empowered to achieve their own highest potential.

For a complete list of what is offered and involved in my Vision Camps, or to register at attend one, go to www.visioncamps.com

Check out the videos I’ve included in this newsletter, and think about who you know that might benefit from this opportunity?  Expand your own circle of influence by sharing this information with those around you!

The young people of today hold our future in their hands.  Let’s make sure that they have every opportunity to make it the best it can be. Let’s give them the strongest foundation to be successful in the years ahead that we can!

This article also appears on Mark’s home webpage, Mark McGregor Leadership Center GMBH.